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  • Since the pandemic hit the world in 2020, the situation of people living in extreme poverty has worsened. Surviving has become a struggle for them as the world has shifted its focus from these prevalent problems to the problems raised by COVID-19.  
  • According to a survey by Oxfam out of the 12.2 crore people in the informal sector of India, 75% of the workers have lost their job and many of them had their pay reduced. It is also estimated that people having a wage of Rs. 150 or $2 have increased from 6 crores to 13.4 crores. Just by looking at these figures, we can imagine the pain these people might be going through.
  • Many not-for-profit organizations have been doing their best in improving the conditions of such people but it seems that they won’t be able to effectively do much without some external support and help.
  • NGOs require help in rationing proper equipment, gathering funds etc. Even members of society who always try to help the deprived are finding it very difficult to continue their valiant efforts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that hunger is eradicated from society. Our vision is to see a world where everybody has basic standards of quality living and nobody goes to sleep hungry.

About Us

We are a fundraising campaign created to help the needy in difficult times. Due to the current unprecedented situation, we have decided to do our bit as a samaritan by helping these deprived lives. We are a not-for-profit campaign as we do not charge the NGOs for our efforts, time, and running costs.

In running this campaign, we are eagerly looking for your support to succeed in our endeavors – we have an association with Earth Saviors Foundation, Gurugram; Bhajan Ashram, Vrindavan and Arvindam, Gurugram.

Please be grateful for what you have and do help the ones who very critically need it.

Do your bit as a human, please donate and save lives


We collect monetary funds and donate them to NGOs. We act as a medium, by creating a platform, between the social organizations and donors. The NGOs that we help are the Earth Saviours Foundation, Arvindam, and Bhajan Ashram. These 3 NGOs are profoundly impactful in different parts of the country and therefore we feel privileged to be associated with them.

We are collecting up to Rs. 10,000 for our fundraising campaign through this website. For all the donations above Rs. 10,000, donors need to draw a cheque in favor of the NGO whom they are willing to donate and we will hand over those cheques to the concerned NGO. All donations above Rs.10,000 are covered under section 80G of Income Tax Act.

Our Partners


Earth Saviors Foundation is an organization that majorly supports senior citizens who have been neglected by their families. Apart from this, the organization solves environmental, poverty, mental health, and pollution issues.


Arvindam is a social organization that looks after the education of children who do not have such privilege. As COVID-19 brought many problems such as lockdowns and financial limitations, it became even harder for such children to gain education.


Bhajan Ashram looks after and provides shelter to old age widows who do not have an occupation and family support. Due to COVID-19 their condition has worsened and we try to support them as much as much as we can.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

About the


Daancart is a fundraising campaign founded by Advik Gaur; a student studying in Diploma Programme 2 at Pathways School, Gurugram. He served the community by taking up school initiatives such as the green plantation drive, the distribution of masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, and serving the needy with food and other daily needs. Being an active citizen, he realized his role towards our society and decided to give back what our community gave him. He wants to work for the people who aren’t well-off and can’t fulfill their basic livelihood needs with complete affection and a pure heart.




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